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Did you know that?
sbo222"Zebra" Juventus received good news before the fight with Fiorentina on Friday, when Doug Gladias Costa and Andrea Barça were named to help the team, but also Paolo Di Baal.Doug Gladys Costa, wing of the Brasilia and Andrea Barca Yi center back. There are names in the team Juventus for Serie A Serie A Italy match at the "Zebra" troops to attack Fiorentina on Friday, February 9.Costa did not help the team in the game where Juventus opened a big 7-0 sausage on Sunday, 4 February, because of a calf injury, while Barça was originally named in the match. Say Before being cut off. Due to injury problems during the warm-up period.However, both Costa and Barça have been named to Juventus in important games this Friday, but in the case of Paulo De Palma, Juan swept Rado, Blaise Maraday and Benedict Hewes. Not ready to play.

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2018-02-09 04:40:44



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