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In a carefully crafted response Arlene Foster

Residents dance in a public open space near the No 3 entrance of Siping Road station of Shanghai Metro Line 8 on 4 June. Provided to China Daily
Group dancing in open squares or other public spaces is a favorite pastime for middle-aged and retired women across China T. J. Oshie Jersey , who usually enjoy it in the evening, or sometimes late into the night, as a good way to keep fit and socialize.

Amplified music at night has become an annoyance for some nearby residents, but not as annoying as other things.

For example, the survey, released by the city'

s statistics bureau on Wednesday Nicklas Backstrom Jersey , listed apartment decoration noise as the "most annoying one" for residents, far ahead of square dancing.

More than 1,000 respondents older than 13 took part in the survey on noise disturbances. The results showed that Shanghai residents judge noise from house decorating, vehicles and shopping mall loudspeakers as the most irritating, accounting for 35.1 percent, 16.2 percent and 12.3 percent of responses.

By contrast Alex Ovechkin Jersey , square dancing and outdoor karaoke were not particularly disturbing. Only 8.6 percent of residents polled even thought about group dancing as a noise disturbance.

According to the report, 75.2 percent of residents supported the group dancing, and 73 percent of young residents supported it.

Beyond that, most residents said they thought square dancing is good for health, both mental and physical - 61.8 percent saw regular dancing as exercise and recreation, and 61.4 percent believed it helps elderly people expand their social circles and dispel loneliness.

"My mother is a fan of square dancing. She danced about one hour with her friends after dinner every day. I see nothing wrong with square dancing. After all Cheap Capitals Hats , there are very few entertainment activities for middle-aged and elderly people," said 33-year-old Yang Hua.

Of the minority of respondents who opposed square dancing, 81.8 percent said the amplified music disturbed nearby residents' lives, and 46.3 percent said the group dancing monopolized public spaces, thereby affecting other people's exercise.

Twenty-four percent said some middle-aged and elderly people indulged in the dancing to such an extent that they disrupted family harmony.

In November 2012, the Shanghai municipal government released regulations to reduce noise pollution in social life. The rules provided a legal basis for protecting and improving residents' living environments.

Under the measures Cheap Capitals T-Shirts , from 10 pm to 6 am, entertainment and sports activities with musical instruments and audio equipment are not allowed in public spaces adjacent to sensitive buildings, including residences. Also, the measures include specific regulations relating to noise from house remodeling.

But the survey found that only 32 percent of respondents knew about the regulations.

"There should be some public education, telling residents how to do things in a proper way to protect other people's living environment. Everyone has the responsibility to reduce noise pollution," said a resident surnamed Wang.

CARACAS Cheap Capitals Hoodie , June 12 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelans celebrated Brazil's 3-1 win over Croatia Thursday in the opening match of the 2014 World Cup.

Brazilians residing in the South American nation gathered at the Brazil-Venezuela Cultural Institute to watch the inaugural game and cheer on their national team, a five-time World Cup champion.

The institute has arranged to broadcast all 64 championship matches through July 13, the day of the final, and will also feature an exhibition on the history of Brazilian soccer.

Brazilian expatriate Jorge Tineli told Xinhua he was happy to see his country host the games again after many years.

"After 64 years, the World Cup returns to Brazil. For me it is a unique and great feeling," said Tineli Custom Capitals Jerseys , who lives in Caracas.

Also there to root for the home team was Brazil's ambassador to Venezuela, Rui Carlos Pereira, who said his country made a great effort, investing both money and labor, to organize a first-rate sporting event for thousands of football fans from around the world.

"It's the first time in more than 20 years that the World Cup returns to Latin America (and) it is the first World Cup where all the winners of the previous tournaments are competing," said Pereira.

He added Cheap Capitals Jerseys , "it is a World Cup tradition, and a historical fact, that Brazil is the only country that has participated in all 20 World Cups."

Venezuela's government has made a concerted effort, through its various ministries, to ensure Venezuelans are able to enjoy one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Giant screens were installed at key sites around the capital Caracas to broadcast the games for free, and Thursday saw thousands of fans gathered at various points to watch Day One of the World Cup.

Be it a powerboat or speedboat Jay Beagle Capitals Jersey , the thrill brings people back to the coast to drive on one of these motorboats. Especially during vacations, people are highly interested to have a thumping ride across the coastal waves. The power with which these boats cruise through the waters can make the rides quite bumpy for people not experienced or well trained. There are smaller open powerboats as well as larger motorboats and are used to cruise in the shore waters for less distance. Due to their outboard placed engines and lack of accommodation facilities, they cannot be driven far off into the sea and hence, the control and cruising have to be learnt the practical way.

• Fun way of learning through RYA certified courses in motor cruising and powerboats

Driving a powerboat and motorboat is real fun, which should also be the principle behind the training programs. The RYA or Royal Yacht Association allows the students to take up practical training to as far extent as possible, with initial instructions and theories. Moto.



2018-04-16 03:54:58

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