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Besides these devices to keep your home safe

A good parking lot is as important for a business as its office premises. Any person coming to your office will use your parking lot. And it is the sole duty of the business owner to keep the parking area well-lit to ensure safety and security.

Here are some important benefits of having a well-lit parking lot.

Adequately visible parking area will help the people to spot their vehicles in an easier manner.

Parking lot with proper lighting can also help in preventing accidents.

It is common sense that well-lit areas are less prone to thefts and robbery. Apart from that Brady Skjei Jersey , your CCTV cameras can capture a much clearer and high-quality footage in the presence of right amount of lighting.

Customers who see poor maintenance and bad lighting become skeptical about parking their vehicles in the area. It gives out the perception that the area is unsafe.

Hence, it is essential for every business to install high-quality commercial outdoor parking lot lights. And if your parking lot is equipped with old school halogen lights and you are unable to light the area as per your expectations; it makes sense to upgrade to commercial LED parking lot lights. Here are a few benefits of installing LED lights in the parking area.

Reduction in Power Bill: Due to the high-efficiency of LED lights, they are able to illuminate the space with same prowess but by using comparatively very less power. To put things in perspective, a parking lot illuminated completely from LED lights can help a business reduce its power by up to 50% (on a conservative side) or more.

More Reliable: LED lights tend to have a better life span than the conventional lighting solutions. In most of the cases, they tend to work 2-3 times longer than any regular lighting fixture. Apart from that Rick Nash Jersey , they perform more reliably and efficiently in adverse climatic conditions. Therefore, lesser blackouts and replacement costs.

More Options: Unlike traditional lighting solutions, LED lights come with a lot of options and choices to pick from. You can choose several lighting schemes and bulb options as per your precise needs. It means, you would make lesser compromises in selecting the most suitable options for your premises.

With these benefits, LED lighting is the best choice for every kind of lighting purpose. Other things you need to consider are a good seller David Desharnais Jersey , right type and brand and fair price of the product. THE STRUCTURAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE SUN, THE MOON AND THE STARS

We built seven firm layers above you. We installed a blazing lamp. (Qur'an, 78:12-13)

As we know, the only source of light in the Solar System is the Sun. With advances in technology, astronomers discovered that the Moon was not a source of light but that it merely reflects the light reaching it from the Sun. The expression "lamp" in the above verse is a translation of the Arabic word "siraaj Michael Grabner Jersey ," which most perfectly describes the Sun, the source of light and heat.

In the Qur'an Allah employs different words when referring to such celestial bodies as the Moon, the Sun and the stars. This is how the differences between the structures of the Sun and Moon are expressed in the Qur'an:

Don't you see how He created seven heavens in layers, and placed the Moon as a light in them and made the sun a blazing lamp? (Qur'an, 71:15-16)

In the above verse Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey , the word "light" is used for the Moon ("noor" in Arabic) and the word "lamp" for the Sun ("siraaj" in Arabic.) The word used for the Moon refers to a light-reflecting, bright, motionless body. The word used for the Sun refers to a celestial body which is always burning, a constant source of heat and light.

On the other hand, the word "star" comes from the Arabic root "najama Chris Kreider Jersey ," meaning "appearing, emerging, visible." As in the verse below, stars are also referred to by the word "thaaqib," which is used for that which shines and pierces the darkness with light: self-consuming and burning:

It is the star that pierces through darkness! (Qur'an Marc Staal Jersey , 86:3)

We now know that the Moon does not emit its own light but reflects that reaching it from the Sun. We also know that the Sun and stars do emit their own light. These facts were revealed in the Qur'an in an age when mankind simply did not have the means to make scientific discoveries of their own accord. It was an age when peoples' knowledge of celestial bodies was severely restricted, to say the least. This further emphasises the miraculous nature of the book of Islam.


One of the most important reasons for the great equilibrium in the universe is the fact that celestial bodies follow specific paths. Stars, planets and satellites all rotate around their own axes and also rotate together with the system of which they are a part. The universe functions within a finely-tuned order, just like the wheels in a factory.

There are more than 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe and each small galaxy contains approximately a billion stars. Furthermore, each big galaxy contains more than a trillion.(World Book Encyclopedia Kevin Hayes Jersey , 2003; contributor: Kenneth Brecher, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Boston University.) Many of these stars have planets and many of those planets have satellites. All these celestial bodies follow the most finely calculated paths and orbits. For millions of years, each one has been moving in its own path in flawless harmony with all the others. In addition to these J.T. Miller Jersey , there are also a great many comets moving along in their own pre-determined paths.

In addition, the paths in the universe are not restricted to a few celestial bodies. The Solar System and even other galaxies also exhibit considerable motion around other centres. Every.



2018-04-16 03:57:50

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