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If your car does not have a direct AUX connection

BEIJING Cheap Vladislav Namestnikov Jersey , Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- During this weekend, Zhang Jun's team went to volunteer in a primary school near the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall in Hebei Province.

Actually, Zhang Jun and his teammates spend almost all their weekends on matters related to the Great Wall,though they rarely go to the famous Badaling section in northern Beijing where tourists and foreign heads of state visit.

Zhang's team prefers the sections with steep cliffs, broken walls, and huge piles of rubble that ordinary people would ignore.

"Totally shocked Cheap Andrei Vasilevskiy Jersey ," said Zhang, who was born in south China but became concerned about the man-made marvel, which stretches across north China, when he saw photos of dilapidated sections.

In 1999, a dozen Great Wall enthusiasts like Zhang set up a volunteer team to promote and protect the Great Wall. They also launched a website www.thegreatwall to share the information they gathered.

Throughout the years, the team has attracted over 200 members from all walks of life Cheap Victor Hedman Jersey , including a registered accountant, a chemical engineer, a newspaper editor and civil servants.

They started as hikers, walking along the Great Wall in many provinces to enjoy the outdoors. Now, they have become guardians, protecting and preserving the world wonder.


"The Great Wall" club values the power of images. They always carry old photos Cheap Jake Dotchin Jersey , taken decades or even a century ago, to find the same spots where they were photographed and see the scenery as it appears today.

Unfortunately, through the lenses of today's advanced cameras, the great structure appears as deserted walls, ramshackle towers without roofs, or renovated buildings with modern facades.

"It is a mixed feeling Cheap Braydon Coburn Jersey ," said "Yeren Laogou" (a nickname), another member of the team. "I was very excited when I stood in front of scenes that appeared in old photos. I felt like I was involved in history, but I also felt very regretful as the Great Wall has changed so much that I could not see yesterday's glory."

The sharp visual contrast has alarmed them, and they take as many photos as possible of the Great Wall so that more records could be preserved.

The group set up an expedition team, invited archaeologists to give lessons, went to libraries and did research day and night for about 10 years.

On their website Cheap Yanni Gourde Jersey , the team shares all their research, including maps of many little-known wall sections, data pools of relics, photos, documents and geographical data.

They have even provided visual evidence to relic authorities to assist the protection of Great Wall sections endangered by nature or human activities.


The team has organized volunteers and visitors to collect garbage and plant trees along the wall. But to their surprise, most damage comes from people living nearby.

"Locals often thought the 'Great Wall' only refers to the famous Badaling Great Wall in northern Beijing Cheap Ryan Callahan Jersey ," said Zhang. "They didn't believe that the wall passed by their villages."

In 2004, the team walked into a hilly village in Hebei Province, where children were found tearing down the wall to grab the scorpions inside.

"We can't be the savior of the Great Wall," said Zhang, who realized that the local people must be involved in the protection of the Great Wall.

They organized a campaign, "Home alongside the Great Wall Cheap Brayden Point Jersey ," inviting local people to take photos in front of the Great Wall, and told them that the man-made wonder was not far from their everyday lives.

They also called for web users and friends to donate books and toys to rural schools, where they volunteered to give lessons on the Great Wall to students.

"We have donated to 13 rural schools along the Wall in several provinces," said "Qianli," the organizer of the campaign.

"Qianli" said the volunteers have made friendships with villagers, giving them deeper knowledge of the Great Wall than a pass-by traveler would be able to get.

Many team members have gotten to know the stories and folktales along the Great Wall by talking with villagers.

"As a man-made structure Cheap Ondrej Palat Jersey , the Great Wall will probably disappear one day. We hope what we did could delay that as long as possible," said Zhang.

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2018-04-16 03:47:02

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